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If you’ve worn glasses for even a week, you’ll know how dirty they can get especially in dusty weather. The lens gets smudged, stuff miraculously sticks to the surface, and sweat and oil from your face make it slide down your nose. They were great when you got them, but now they are a nuisance. And you’ve tried the quick fix of quickly swiping the lens with your shirt-tails, but it just doesn’t seem as clear as when you brought it home from the eye clinic.

Well, here are some very quick tips for caring for your precious eye glasses. Follow them regularly and you can avoid damaging the lenses or frame and get to enjoy your eyeglasses for a long time.

1. Always use the lens cleaning solution recommended by your eye specialist for your type of lenses. Different types of lenses require different kinds of cleaning solution. Using the wrong solution can damage your lenses permanently.
2. Spray the lens cleaning solution on each side of the lenses
3. Use the microfiber lens cloth given to you by your eye specialist to gently clean both sides of the lenses.
4. Do not forcefully remove hardened dirt as this can scratch your lens. Instead, spray more solution on it to soften it before cleaning it with the cloth.
5. Be sure to clean the sides of the frame that comes in contact with your skin, the handles that go over your ears, the bottom of the frame that touches your face, and the bridge of the frame that touches your nose.
6. Dry the frame and lenses with the microfiber cloth
7. Inspect the lenses for cleanliness and if any smudges remain, use the microfiber cloth to remove them.

Other tips that will help you enjoy clear lenses for a long time;

1. Clean your lenses every day and anytime they appear smudged
2. Don’t use the edges of your clothes or other material to clean your lenses, it can scratch the lens. Don’t use paper towels, napkins or tissue, these materials are made of wood and can scratch your glasses.
3. Don’t use household glass or surface cleaners. These have harsh ingredients that can damage your lenses
4. Invest in a protective storage case. Make sure it is large and strong enough to hold the glasses.
5. Never place your glasses on a surface with the lenses facing down. Place them inside the glasses case when you are not wearing them. This is to prevent your glasses getting knocked down, sat on or trampled upon.
6. Do not try to polish the lenses
7. Keep your lenses away from heat, steam or extreme conditions
8. Keep your lenses away from solvent such as hair spray and alcohol
9. Keep your lenses away from high temperature conditions such as inside cars with closed windows left out in the sun.
10. If there is dirt in areas you can’t reach, take the glasses to your eye care professional.

We hope these tips can bring some relief to those who have been battling with dirt and grime stuck in their lenses or frames. You can contact us for your eyeglasses cases, lens cleaning solution, microfiber cloth and other eyeglasses accessories.

What other eyeglasses challenges have you been facing? Do share with us in the comments section.