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You would know that what you eat affects your body, but you may not realise how important this fact is for your eyes. You have probably heard the saying ‘Your eyes are the windows of your soul,’ but they are also the windows to the inside of your body. Did you know your eyes can tell what nutrients your body is lacking?

Here are five eye conditions that indicate a major body issue:

  1. Conjunctivitis (Pink eye).

Pink eye is mostly caused by the adenovirus, the same one that causes the common cold. That is why you would mostly get this after battling a cold or upper respiratory infection. A virus cannot be treated with antibiotics. But you can help your immune system by taking zinc- a trace mineral before or at the early onset of a cold. You can also take this when people around you are battling a cold because it prevents and reduces the duration of the infection.

  1. Red eye.

Allergies or lack of sleep can cause this malady. If it is an allergy that comes with the change of weather/seasons, then it is because you have exposed your body to pollen and dust that are creating an immune reaction. The best treatment for this is Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

If the redness of your eyes is caused by a lack of sleep, then you might have insomnia due to low levels of magnesium, calcium, and Vitamin B1. All these minerals and vitamins help your body relax and destress.

  1. Haemorrhaging

This happens when the red blood vessels are leaking into your eye. This is similar to the situation where you have varicose or spider veins on your leg. The reason for this is the same, and that is a lack of vitamin C and vitamin K.

  1. Light sensitivity.

When you have trouble adjusting to different levels of light, including sunlight, and it happens frequently, then you know you have a vitamin B1 deficiency.

  1. Night blindness.

If you notice your eyes can’t seem to adjust to the dark, then you are deficient in vitamin A.

Foods necessary for good eye health are all around us, such as palm oil, fish (especially fatty fish), egg yolk (an excellent source of Vitamin B1), and vegetables. And for minerals like calcium, we have okra. The best part; eating a well-balanced diet will not only be good for your eyes but your shape as well.