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Have you ever noticed your eye moving involuntarily? Not in any dramatic fashion, but little flutters that get your attention? You are experiencing what is called blepharospasm or ocular myokymia, popularly known as eye twitching.

Ordinarily, it is not something serious but can truly become annoying when it takes place in front of others. Eye twitching usually affects your lower eyelid, but sometimes it could be your upper eyelid. The strength of the twitches also varies from barely noticeable to mild and even sometimes severe enough to warrant you having to close your eyes. Most times, it can occur once and never happen again. But other times, you may experience it on and off for days, weeks, and even months.

Here are 5 reasons your eyes are twitching:

Dry eyes.

This is caused by a lack of moisture in your eyes. Your tears lubricate your eyes, giving it the relief it needs. Insufficient flow or excessive evaporation of your tears can cause your eyes to be dry, which can lead to redness, stinging, or your eyes feeling itchy.

Stress and strain.

Sometimes, when you are under serious stress, your eyes will experience involuntary spasms because of the pressure you are experiencing. Similarly, strains from prolonged, excessive, bright lights from your computer screens, or even event lights, can cause spasms in your eyes. Sleeplessness can also be a strain on your eyes.

Pink eyes and irritation.

Pink eye is an infection caused by bacteria, viruses, chemical irritations, pollens, or trauma to the eye. These conditions will also cause your eyes to have spasms.

Alcohol and Caffeine.

Both these substances have a way of dehydrating your body, and your eyes are no exception to that dehydration. Their effect on the eyes is just like with dry eyes.

Nervous System Disorder.

This is a more serious and rare cause of eye twitching. But most people diagnosed with disorders like Parkinson’s, Bell’s palsy, and Tourette’s usually have eye twitching as part of their initial symptoms.

If you have any concerns relating to your eyes twitching or any other eye-related challenges, do not hesitate to reach out to us.