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Many individuals indulge in alcoholic drinks daily, majorly for pleasure. and sometimes to get over certain emotional issues such as depression, sadness, and sorrow. Unfortunately, this substance causes more harm than good to the human body and the eyes in particular.

Some of these effects are temporary, while others are permanent and irreversible. Alcohol often causes drowsiness and dizziness if consumed in large quantities. The following are the various ways in which both excessive and long-term alcohol consumption and addiction can harm your vision and eyesight.

1. Alcohol gradually weakens the eye muscles. This can cause a permanent effect on the eyes and result in damage of the optic nerves, which affects the communication between the eyes and brain and results in drooping and incoherent movement of the eyes

2. It slows down the communication between optic nerves and the brain. This affects the communication between your eyes and brain and leads to blurry or double vision.

3. Prolonged and constant alcohol intake leads to slower reaction time than normal from the pupils. This condition distorts the ability of the eyes to dilate properly and can also affect one’s ability to see different color shades.

4. Another negative effect of alcohol intake on the eyes is rapid eye movement. This is a condition in which the eyes move in a back-and-forth motion without you controlling it. This means that excessive long-term alcohol intake can make you lose your ability to control your eye movement.

5. Alcohol indulgence can lead to a permanent loss of vision, also called total blindness. This can happen over a long period when one engages in alcohol use and this is known as toxic amblyopia.

Your eyesight is an unquestionably important, so you must do everything possible to ensure that it is always healthy no matter what. Even if you have to give up the consumption of things that can be harmful even as they give you pleasure, such as alcohol. Contact us for more information on how to care for the eyes.