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When the weather is rainy and humid is when people are most likely to experience allergies. However, it is not only during the rainy season that allergies flare up because some people get allergies even in the dry season. Other non-weather-related causes of allergies include dust, smoke, antiseptic soaps, creams, and powders.

The core and most disrupting part of your allergic reactions will be that your eyes get irritated and are prone to extreme tearing. Coincidentally, you can reduce and, to some extent, eliminate the impact of your allergic reactions.

Here are five ways to combat eye allergies this season:

Be aware of the root.

This means knowing the reason or cause of your allergies. The two common causes are pollen and mould.

Be aware of the fruit.

You might have watery eyes or need to rub your eyes constantly and not realize that you are having an allergic reaction. Sometimes, when you have dark circles under or around your eyes, it can indicate an underlying allergy you are not aware of.

Evade weeds.

You know that pollen affects you, so at all costs, avoid places with freshly cut grass, flowers, dust, and any damp areas within your house and environment.


When certain allergy-prone environments are unavoidable because of their relevance, for example, home, workplace, or school, learn how to protect your eyes when there. You can use eye drops for dry, or irritated eyes. You can also fortify your immune system by eating well and taking appropriate vitamins to help your immune system.

Seek Help.

This is one of the most important factors in combating eye allergies. Seek help when you have done all you can to ensure you get the best medical care and support for your eyes during the allergy season.

Your eyes are important, and you must make the effort to take good care of them, whatever the season. Contact us for more information and support, we are happy to help.