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Every day we engage in various activities. Some of these activities that have become habits are hazardous to our eyes. Below are some of these habits and what we need to do to keep our eyes healthy.

1.  Prolonged staring at the screen of devices and gadgets.

Because of the level of technological advancement worldwide, people spend most of the day at work starring at the computer screen. At home, we spend time on our TV, laptops, tablets and mobile smartphone screens going through mails, reading books or watching programmes. The effect of these activities on our eyes includes side effects like blurry vision, headaches, and eye strain. Learn to take short breaks when using these screens and shut down on all screen related activities one hour before bedtime.

2. Wrong use of makeup products

Wearing makeup to bed and using old and expired makeup products such as mascara and eye shadow are not healthy for your eyes. When you leave makeup on your face for too long, it fragments and the pieces can get into the eyes. This increases the chance of contracting eye infections or allergic reactions. To prevent issues like this, check the expiration dates of your makeup and stop using them when the date is reached. Also remove all eye makeup before going to bed.

3. Rubbing your eyes

We often experience itching in our eyes, hence the tendency to rub the eyes. This act might seem harmless, but engaging in it frequently can cause severe damage to your eyes. Resisting the urge to rub your eyes would go a long way towards keeping your eyes safe from transferable infections.

4. Sleeping with contact lenses

Taking out your contact lenses might seem like a huge chore, especially when you’re extremely exhausted from the activities of a very busy day. Unfortunately, going to bed or sleeping with contacts lenses on is very harmful to your eyes. It prevents oxygen from getting to your cornea and this can cause a bacterial eye infection. So, for no reason should you sleep with your contact lenses, not even when taking a quick nap.

5. Smoking

Tobacco smoking is a terrible habit which many people engage in daily, and there are a lot of health problems that can result from that habit. Apart from lungs and heart related diseases, smoking can also damage the eyes. Smoking causes diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and dry eyes.  You can help save your vision if you quit that bad smoking habit for good.

6. Not having regular eye check-up

Eye doctors are able to detect other underlying health issues like thyroid disease and high cholesterol when carrying out a comprehensive eye check. However, many people avoid these eye checks. It is necessary to plan a trip to your eye doctor the same way that you would visit the hospital for your other routine check-up. This will help you know the health status of your eyes per time and also easily identify and treat the health issues that are detect.

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