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This is a valid question. Research has shown that there is little chance of contact lenses increasing the risk as long as a person follows proper hygiene rules. To avoid any bacterial or viral infections, not just COVID-19, it is important that contact lenses are handled properly.

Wearing eyeglasses does not reduce the risk. Those who use glasses can attest to the fact that the frames slip off the nose. Pushing the glasses back up the nose can be done several times and automatically, and the wearer can easily forget to disinfect the hands before doing so. The COVID-19 virus can also stay longer on glass and plastic, putting the wearers at risk.

So, the best thing is to keep using your contact lenses, but carefully follow all the precautions.

Here are 6 helpful rules:

  1. Clean your hands thoroughly before and after handling your contact lenses. Dry your hands with disposable cloth or tissue, not a reusable towel that might be harbouring germs.
  2. Do not use tap water to touch your lens, not for cleaning, rinsing or soaking. Tap water can have other infectious bacteria or germs that can cause substantial damage to the eyes. This is why you should dry your hands thoroughly before touching the lenses.
  3. If you can, use disposable lenses. This way you need not bother with contact lens solution or storage cases for the lens.
  4. Do not sleep with your contact lenses on.
  5. For reusable lenses, replace them as soon as possible. Do not wear them beyond their prescribed dates.
  6. If you notice any unusual symptom, consult your eye doctor immediately. Do not delay.

Taking these safety precautions with your contact lenses will help you stay safe through this pandemic. If you use eyeglasses as well, be very conscious of keeping your hands clean at all times, as you will probably need to touch your face. Contact us for your contact lenses, solution and cases. You can also send us a message if you need consultation on any eye related issues.