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Hepatitis is a serious infection that causes inflammation of the liver. This infection can also affect other organs in the body, including the eyes, and this can cause severe eye problems which affect one’s vision. Listed below are some eye problems caused by hepatitis.

Third Nerve Palsy

This is a temporary paralysis of the third cranial nerve, which controls the movement of the eyes and dilation of the pupils. Symptoms of this eye problem include eye pain, headaches and also a refusal of the eyes to dilate


This is a severe inflammation of both the front eye tissue. This can happen when one is infected with Hepatitis and it bears a close resemblance to some allergy-related eye diseases in terms of the effects on the eyes. So, if the patient does not carry out a proper medical test, this condition may be detected and it can be mistaken for a minor eye allergy.

Retinal Vasculitis

This is an inflammation of optic blood vessels (the vessels that carry blood to each eye). The discharge of waste matter from either a bacterial or viral infection causes this. This disease results in the reduction of blood flow to the tissues of the retina thereby resulting in fluffy white patches on the retina also known as “cotton wool spots.”

If you have been diagnosed with any of the above-listed conditions, it is important that you strictly follow the treatment plan that your hepatologist (the doctor who is treating you for hepatitis) has prescribed. We also recommend that you visit your eye doctor as well for routine checkups and any other treatment plans that you might need. Seek medical attention immediately if you notice that the condition is interfering with your vision and daily activities.