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Babies’ eyes are sensitive and require good hygiene guidelines right from birth to maintain healthy eyesight. This will help to prevent problems in the future. While enjoying cuddling with your little bundle of joy, be vigilant to notice any possible eye issues like watering eyes, crusty eyelids or crossed eyes. Once anything seems off about your child’s eyesight, take your baby to the eye doctor immediately.

Some normal eye activities for babies

Usually, babies are born with their eyes almost shut. This results from swelling caused by pressure on the child’s head during birth. However, after a few days, the swelling will go down and the eyes will take their natural form. Also, babies and toddlers produce some eye mucus when air comes in contact with their open eyes. The eye mucus usually dries out, and it is very necessary to clean the dried-up mucus to prevent infections.

Basic care guidelines

Here are some simple ways to keep baby’s eyes clean and safe from infection.

  • Remove the dried mucus by using a sterile gauze immersed in saline solution or boiled warm water. This will make the eyes open gradually.
  • When cleaning the eyes, wipe from the tear ducts to the outsides of the eyes to avoid taking dirt into the eyes.
  • Use fresh gauze for each eye, to prevent passing infection from one eye to the other.
  • Apart from cleaning your baby’s eyes, exposing them to natural light is very necessary for the development of healthy eyesight.

Your baby’s eyes are still developing as they grow, so you need to take particular care of them. It is very important to monitor this development and take your baby for routine eye checks, especially if you notice any unusual problem. Do not overlook any abnormalities and assume they would go on their own. Contact us for more eye care information about your baby.