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The American Optometric Association defines computer vision syndrome as “a complex of eye and vision problems related to the activities which stress the near vision and which are experienced in relation, or during, the use of the computer. It is characterized by visual symptoms which result from interaction with a computer display or its environment”.


  • Low contrast
  • Reduced blinking rate
  • Long duration of computer usage,
  • Uncorrected refractive error
  • Pathological conditions.


  • Poor seating posture,
  • Improper viewing distances/viewing angle,
  • Age,
  • Poor lighting,
  • Poor resolution/contrast,
  • Glare of the display


  • Neck stiffness/pain
  • Shoulder pain,
  • Headaches,
  • Backache,
  • Tearing,
  • Gritty sensation,
  • Redness,
  • Dry eye,
  • Blurry vision,
  • Double vision
  • Slowness to focus.


A Detailed case history and comprehensive eye examination are carried out taking into account any pre-existing conditions and presented symptoms.


  • Get a comprehensive eye exam
  • Consider computer eyewear
  • Use proper lighting
  • Use recommended eye drops
  • Use anti-reflective/anti-coated lenses to minimize glare
  • Blink regularly
  • Take frequent breaks