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Employees are one of the most important assets of any organization. This is because they are the workforce that makes the vision of that organization become a reality. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that their eyesight, which is their major work tool, is always in good condition.

If employees have poor eyesight, it results in poor performance at work and this will impact on the organization’s productivity.

The following tips will help employers to promote healthy eyesight for employees while at work.

Permit employees to observe ‘eye rest’ using the 20-20-20 rule.

Allow them to take a 20-second break from their computer screens every 20 minutes.

They should look at objects that are 20-feet away from their workspace. This is very important because it helps to reduce the adverse effect of computer radiation on the eyes. All computer screens of employees should be placed 20 inches away from their eyes and slightly below eye level.

Employers should encourage employees to engage in eye exercises while at work.

The human eyes need exercise in order to improve blood circulation, flexibility, and overall vision health. Some of these easy exercises include focus change, near and far focus, and figure 8 (tracing an imaginary figure 8 on the floor in front of you for 30 seconds). These exercises would help to maintain healthy eyesight.

Improve the lighting in employees’ workspace.

Most lighting issues arise when employees use their computers in workplaces where the lighting is meant for traditional desktop work. Business owners should ensure that the lighting and the screen brightness of the computers are balanced with the task of the employees in that workspace. Dim background screens require a lower lighting level.

Employers should invest in their employees’ eye health.

This can be done by: providing the correct and necessary protective eyewear for employees based on the nature of their jobs, sending employees for routine eye tests, and providing HMO eye care services that include the provision of glasses for those who need them.

When the employees can work at optimal capacity, the business will flourish. Contact us today for information on how we can conduct eye examinations for all your employees.