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Eye care monitors are computer monitors designed to enable users to spend a long time on the computers with minimal eye strain. The screens are made with the current technology and are quite pricy. These screens achieve their purpose in two ways: they have a blue light filter, and they can manage the flicker rate. Let us consider the efficacy of these features.

Blue light filter

Eye care monitors are built to filter blue light, which is harmful to the eyes. However, studies have shown that computers give low blue light emissions compared to the sun.

Flicker rate management

The monitors are “flicker-free” to reduce the incidence of eyestrain, headaches, blurry vision, and poor sleep. Experts have shown that the flicker rate of computers is between 70-90 Hz, which can be annoying but would not be dangerous to the eyes and will not cause eyestrain.


Ways to minimise blue light on your current monitor:

  • Reduce the brightness at night or use the night view feature on your computer.
  • Put on a reading lamp to reduce the contrast between the light from your computer and the darkness in the room when it is night or you are working in a room with the curtains drawn.


Ways to minimise eye strain on your current computer:

The real culprit for eye strain is the use of the computer itself and not the type of computer. So here are things all computer users should follow, even those with eye care monitors.

  • Follow the 20/20/20 rule to rest your eyes. After 20 minutes of working with the screen, look at an object 20+ feet away for up to 20+ seconds.
  • Blink deliberately. Stop staring nonstop at the screen. Blink. Use artificial tears when necessary, as prescribed by your eye doctor.
  • Familiarise yourself with the lighting and contrast settings on your computer. Google if necessary and learn how to make your time on the computer more comfortable for your eyes. Make the rightness of your screen match your surroundings.
  • Brighten the room with soft light when working at night.
  • Wear the right prescription glasses that have anti-glare and anti-blue filters in them when working on the computer.


Final thought:

While eye care monitors are great to have, especially for techies who love trying out the newest inventions, one does not have to rush out and buy one. You can save your eyes by applying the cost-effective methods above. Manage the lighting, follow the 20/20/20 rule, keep your eyes moist, and use the right glasses for computers. Contact us for any eye care information.