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Vision therapy is a medically recommended program aimed at improving the visual abilities of an individual. This program can be carried out by your eye doctor in a supervised office environment or at home. It involves the use of reinforcement exercises (for a couple of weeks or months), patches, training glasses, filters, electronic targets, or balance boards and prisms to correct specific types of visual problems.

Vision therapy programs are designed to treat the specific eye problems of each individual.

Who needs Vision Therapy?

Any individual experiencing one or more of these visual problems will need vision therapy.

Learning-related visual problems

Such as problems with both eyes working together, focusing on objects e.t.c. The absence of these skills can affect learning negatively, especially in children.

Crossed Eyes and Lazy Eyes

These visual problems can be treated effectively with vision therapy at an early age instead of eye surgery and the positive results of the therapy cuts across all ages.

Stress-induced vision problems

Our modern-day high-tech society requires that many people work for long hours on computers. This results in an increasing number of people experiencing eyestrain, headaches, and other visual difficulties. Hence the need for vision therapy.

Individuals with strokes, brain injuries, developmental delays, and nerve injuries.

Any form of injury or trauma to an individual’s nervous system can affect the person’s vision. So, people who have experienced brain injuries, developmental delays, strokes, e.t.c, would require visual therapy to regain their vision completely.

Expected outcomes from vision therapy

Vision therapy helps the eyes to align, move, and focus together. With a successful program, it is expected that: learning will become easier, reading ability and speed will improve, the ability to focus properly on and follow moving objects with the eyes will become better, and the ability to see objects at any distance will improve.

Note that the improvement rate among patients will vary, but the medical personnel will observe early progress as the therapy program goes on.

If you think you need vision therapy, walk into our clinic. We will carry out the eye examinations and plan a suitable vision therapy program for you.

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