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You own a company or personal vehicle, and you have engaged the services of a driver. How did you employ this individual? Did you just sit with him or her, note how courteously they behaved and watch how they handled the vehicle? That’s all well and good, but did you test them in all sorts of weather conditions? You probably didn’t go out with them in the night or in the rain. But they will almost definitely drive your vehicle and ferry people and property around in such weather.

So how can you get the best driver for all times of the day? By giving them a standard vision test.

According to the Edo Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Mr Anthony Oko, 50% of road crashes are caused by the drivers’ poor eyesight. Speaking at a sensitization and free eye test programme organised in Benin by the FRSC, in collaboration with the Optometrists Association of Nigeria, Edo chapter, Mr Oko said; “To prevent accidents, we need to do eye tests.” He also added that “Not everybody knows how to drive under the rain.”



It is important for all drivers, private or commercial, to get their eyes checked at least once every year. The driving test must show that the driver has visual acuity of at least 6/12 (based on the Snellen Visual Acuity Scale) in both eyes with corrective lenses. Two other tests to help gauge the driver’s occupational vision standard are the colour vision test and the visual field test.

A colour vision test helps determine if the driver has a colour deficiency or is colour blind, which can affect how he or she identifies traffic lights. Good vision enables drivers to properly read and appreciate traffic signs while driving.

Visual field tests check the driver’s peripheral vision. This covers the width of the driver’s vision and how well they can see people or cars coming from the sides of the vehicle.



The driving test does not necessarily disqualify the drivers, rather it helps them by determining if they need glasses or perhaps corrective surgery so they can work more efficiently. Individuals desiring employment as drivers can improve their chances by having their test results handy at interviews.



Apart from conducting the driver’s eye test, we offer glasses and corrective surgery for most of the eye challenges that drivers face. Also available are special lenses that cut out the light reflection from oncoming vehicles when driving at night.

Beyond knowing the driving rules and having emergency procedures ingrained in him or her, your driver needs to undergo an eye examination before being employed. An eye examination will help you get the best eyes for the job. Don’t just believe that because Baba Sala drives slowly he is a careful driver; he might just drive slowly because he can’t see beyond the bonnet of the vehicle due to tunnel vision caused by glaucoma.

The safety of you and your family’s lives on the road is imperative to us.

Contact us today and make an appointment for your driver and yourself.