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In every society, elderly people are a source of great wisdom to the people. Having healthy elderly people around you is proof of a functional healthcare system. It is, therefore, vital to ensure that you maintain the visual health of elderly people around you.

Elderly people should have access to quality affordable eye care services. We can also educate and encourage them to keep to the necessary healthcare practices that will prevent common eye diseases such as cataracts, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD); and these are diseases that can restrict their mobility, which they need to have to stay healthy.

Encourage elderly people to go regularly for eye exams

This is a necessity for individuals in this age group because eye tests will help in the early diagnosis of severe but treatable eye diseases.

Blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels should always be normal

An increase in these health aspects of an elderly person is perilous and can cause vision loss because of haemorrhages and blocked blood vessels.

Prescription glasses and vision aids should always be worn

Putting them on will make them see better and prevent falls and accidents that can cause eye injuries.

A healthy daily lifestyle should be adopted

This includes regularly consuming foods that contain lots of green vegetables, whole grains, and fruits which are essential for healthy eyesight. Also, engaging in physical exercises and observing enough rest are requirements for healthy vision. This is because these activities help in the proper circulation of blood and oxygen, which are needed for the proper functioning of every organ in the body, including the eyes.

So take care of the elderly folk around you and send us a message if you need more advice on how to care for the eyesight of those around you. Be they young or old.