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Many people are afraid of going blind, but they are not aware that blindness or major vision loss is not only caused by accidents. It is important to wear protective eyewear when doing certain types of jobs or when going out into the sun. But when one does not take proper care of their health and nutrition this lack of care can also take a toll on the eyes.

Did you know?

Many people are not aware that:

  • The commonest causes of blindness in Nigeria are glaucoma and cataracts.
  • People do not always have symptoms before they lose their vision to eye diseases.
  • The brain can make it difficult for a person to be aware of vision loss because it adapts to the loss.
  • There are links between vision loss and other health problems.
  • Vision loss can increase the risk of injury or death.
  • Vision loss can be associated with psychological problems like depression and isolation.
  • Getting older increases a person’s risk of some eye diseases.
  • One can have a higher risk of some eye diseases if they are overweight, obese or have a family history of eye disease.
  • When not handled early enough, minor eye issues could become serious enough to cause vision loss or blindness.

What to do

It is important to get regular eye examinations at least once a year, particularly once one gets to 40 years of age. Because some eye problems do not come with symptoms, an eye exam is the fastest way to detect and start treating them immediately.

Take breaks from staring at screens. Eat healthy meals with lots of vegetables and fruits. Drink a lot of water. Do not smoke. Exercise often to maintain good blood flow around the body and to the eyes. Taking care of your health has the double benefit of taking care of your eyes.

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