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Every day, women than men engage in multiple household and office chores, ranging from cleaning to adding fragrance to the home or office. All these activities constantly involve the use of their eyes just like other activities performed by other people. Hence, there is a great need to protect your eyes while carrying out your daily chores to prevent eye injuries and permanent damage from either work equipment or otherwise. You should observe the following eye safety recommendations.


As much as possible, make use of greener cleaners

Most conventional cleaning agents contain chemicals that can cause eye irritation or injury (via toxic fumes or airborne particles). Green or natural cleaning agents are far safer to use because they contain less amounts of dangerous chemicals and no artificial fragrances.


Minimize your period of exposure to toxic chemicals

Sometimes, you cannot avoid the use of traditional cleaning agents (such as bleach). However, you can be very careful when using these items. We recommend carrying out all tasks that require the use of these type of cleaners within the shortest possible time to avoid extended exposed to these chemicals, thus preventing eye irritation.


Before commencing your cleaning, remove all potential hazards that could cause eye injuries.

You can begin your cleaning by using a device with a long handle before cleaning to reduce your proximity to dust particles. For outdoor cleaning like mowing the lawn, grass and dirt can fly in the air and become projectiles resulting in serious eye injuries. Thus do not mow over any object that is not grass (such as sticks and twigs) because can endanger your eyes.


Keep your home well ventilated

Most cleaning related eye irritants are airborne. This means that if your home has adequate cross ventilation while carrying out your chores, you will be at a lower risk of having eye irritation. Open all doors and windows, turn on your fans to enable proper air circulation.


It is important to maintain a clean and healthy environment, but not at the expense of your eyes. Invest in safety glasses for cleaning. Always wash your hands thoroughly after working with chemicals. Protect your eyes as they are they only pair you’ve got. Contact us for more eye care information.