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As we approach the end of the year, we know it is a festive season of celebration accompanied by partying, as well as travelling from one place to another during the holidays. Families gather to have a good time and bond.

At a time like this, eye safety is very important because these celebrations can sometimes result in unexpected accidents and injuries, which can put an end to a fun-filled party. We, therefore, encourage everyone to engage in party celebrations safely, to maintain healthy eyesight throughout the holidays. The following eye safety tips should be put in place and carefully followed.

Holiday Cooking

Food preparation is a major aspect of the holidays and this also exposes our eyes to danger in the kitchen. Be careful with the use of knives. Keep them away from counter edges because they can drop off and get into the eyes of a child standing nearby. Place knives with the sharp edge face down inside a wooden knife holder when not in use to prevent it from accidentally poking someone’s eyes.

Hot liquids and cooking oil usually splash around when cooking or frying and resulting in burns to the eyes and face. Therefore, they should be handled with great caution. Put on glasses or face shields to protect your eyes and make sure you inform other people within the house when moving around with anything hot.


As part of the holiday get-togethers and parties, ladies often use eye makeup to enhance their beauty. Some of these parties last till very late into the night, which means there are chances of going to bed with makeup on your face which can cause eye infections. Ladies should always remember to wash off all makeup from the face (no matter how tired they are) before retiring to bed. Also, avoid sharing makeup because of the risk of transferring eye infections.


Christmas can mean travelling long distances (mostly by air or road). Either of these means of transportation can cause eyestrain for the driver and passengers as well. This can be eased either by taking frequent breaks or swapping drivers, if possible. Using lubricating eye drops and sleeping masks to sleep when travelling by air will also be of help to reduce dryness and other eye challenges that may arise during your trip. If you are on eye medication, remember to travel with your eyedrops so as not to have a relapse in your condition.

By following these tips, we are certain you will have a safe and fun-filled holiday celebration. Season’s greetings from all of us at St Edmunds.