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As the Christmas holiday approaches, remember that eye safety for every member of the family is important and should not be taken for granted. Therefore, everyone in the family should be careful when handling the following objects which are commonly used during the holidays.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights can break, and older designs can even explode. The glass used to make them is very thin, so they pose a risk to eye safety. So be careful when untangling the strands and do not let children play with them.

Champagne Corks

Christmas and New Year celebrations go hand in hand with champagne the same way champagne corks are associated with eye injuries. So, carefully uncork a bottle of champagne by covering it with a hand towel to ensure that the cork does not fly in the air and hit someone’s eye.

Sharp-Edged Toys

Various gifts items get unwrapped during the Christmas holidays. Adults are advised to check carefully for any pointed edges on children’s gifts and supervise playtime. Sometimes, eye injuries can happen when children play excitedly with their new toys.

Christmas Decorations/Hangings

The Christmas decorations hung around the house can also pose a threat to the eyes, especially when they are hung low and so might hit a tall person in the eye. Care must be taken to keep them high up and out of reach.

Christmas Tree Branches

Simple activities like watering the live tree or adjusting an ornament could lead to an eye injury if the tree branches are dangerously close to eyes when carrying out these activities. Therefore, we should be careful when working around the Christmas tree to ensure that the branches do not come in contact with our eyes.

Finally, always make use of safety eyewear and practice safe habits when working around the house or enjoying the holiday celebrations. We wish all our readers a peaceful and happy Christmas celebration.