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Unexpected situations sometimes occur and result in eye injuries. When they do, it might take a while before one can get proper medical attention. Therefore, it is necessary to have the basic knowledge to enable you to administer emergency first aid treatment to various eye injuries while awaiting medical attention. The following first aid tips will be helpful to you.


Run cold running water over the affected eye for 20 minutes and take the person to the eye hospital immediately.


Have the patient lie on his/her back. While awaiting medical attention, closely monitor the patient to ensure that he/she does not move the affected eye.

Small objects

Tell the patient to look up. Carefully draw open the lower eyelid. Take the object out with the edge of a clean, moist cloth if it is visible. If the object is not visible, wash the eye with sterile, saline, or clean water. If you still cannot get the foreign object out, carefully cover the injured eye and get professional medical treatment immediately.

Penetrating Injury

Place either thick cloth pads above and below the injured eye or cover the object with a paper cup. Use a clean bandage to wrap the pads in place and ensure you are not putting any no pressure on the eyelids. Cover only the injured eye.

Embedded objects

Gently cover the injured eye with clean cloth pads and seek immediate medical treatment.


Wash the affected eye under cold running water or with sterile saline water for a few minutes, then seek medical help if necessary.

When administering the first aid treatment, you must observe the following rules.

  • The patient should not touch the affected eye or the contact lens in it.
  • Do not allow the patient to rub the affected eye.
  • Avoid attempting to remove any penetrating object from the injured eye.
  • Do not apply pressure when wrapping, padding, or bandaging the injured eye.

Do not treat the eye. Simply administer first aid and then get the person to the hospital as quickly as possible. Send us a message if you have any eye related questions.