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As we launch our telemedicine platform, we will like patients to be aware of the forms of telemedicine available. We will examine them broadly to know what they are, their benefits and drawbacks.

The forms of telemedicine


This is a process whereby the medical data of the patient is compiled and sent to the specialist. The medical history images and documented information is read and used to treat the patient.

Field that uses this method: dermatology, pathology, radiology.

Pros: saves time and grants more access to the specialists.

Cons: Potential need to resubmit data if there is a change in medical status of patient.

Remote monitoring

Also called self- monitoring or self-testing. The patient is expected to monitor their own case and send the results to the doctor.  Relevant devices are given to the patients and they are taught how to use them for self-monitoring and reporting.

Ailments that can be managed with this method: asthma, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease.

Pros: Clients are more comfortable staying in their home environment. Monitoring is more frequent. Actual testing is done so there are high chances of an accurate diagnosis.

Cons: Patients might conduct inaccurate tests. Patients must be taught and reminded how to self-test.

Real-time interactive services

In this method uses several media for immediate consultation with patients. It could be over the phone, online and/or home visits. The doctor will study the medical history of the patient alongside one-on-on interactive communication with the patient to get an accurate diagnosis.

Useful for: Doctors who treat cognitive disorders, nurses, pharmacists, rehabilitation centres.

Pros: Instant, real-time solutions for patients. Much lower chanced of a misdiagnosis.

Cons: Slightly more expensive.

All these methods are valid and useful for various cases and branches of medicine. When properly utilized they can help save lives and keep people in health. Do contact us to take advantage of our telemedicine service option.