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Every day, you use your eyes as you go about your daily activities. At some point, your eyes may feel exhausted or irritated especially after engaging in activities like looking at a computer screen or reading a book for a long time. This is known as Asthenopia or eyestrain.


Eyestrain is a common condition nowadays, especially amongst individuals who spend hours working on computer screens and children who engage in several hours of playtime on digital devices like tablets and smartphones. If you are experiencing eyestrain, one or more of the following factors could be responsible for it. Prolonged use of digital devices, visual focus on a single task for a very long time, wrong lighting (either too dim or too bright), failing to blink regularly, holding a digital device at a wrong distance from your eyes, amongst others.

Healthy Tips

Eyestrain is caused by how we use our eyes every day. Therefore, it can be treated by making adjustments in that area. Putting the following tips to work will go a long way to help treat eyestrain.

Taking breaks

It is important to take breaks from activities that involve prolonged eye focus. Observe the 20-20-20 rule by shifting your focus to a different activity every 20 minutes at a distance of 20 feet away from your eyes, for at least 20 seconds.

Proper distancing

Ensure that you’re looking at your digital device from a healthy distance. Positioned your device at arm’s length away from your eyes. When reading on digital devices, use an enlarged font size and don’t use bright screens in dark rooms.

Adequate lighting

Use the right lighting to help to relieve eyestrain. If you need to read printed material, the light should come from behind you and should be at a moderately bright level. This also applies to when you are watching TV and making use of your digital devices. Don’t sit facing or look directly into bright lights for long periods.

If after putting the above tips to work, you still experience severe eyestrain that lasts for a long time, schedule a visit with your eye care provider because that could be a sign of a more serious condition. Following these healthy eyesight tips will help to reduce eyestrain in the present and  prevent vision problems in the future.