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Floods are unexpected occurrences that damage personal property, affect businesses and render people homeless. Floods also affect victims by causing death, sickness, or diseases because of constant exposure to dirty water.

Illness is one way flood victims end up with permanent damage to their health (especially if there is no easy access to medical treatment and care). The eyes do not escape the risk of disease. The negative effects range from mild to severe cases, which can lead to permanent loss of vision. Here are some types of flood-related eye injuries.

Scratches And Abrasions

This can happen to the eyelids or other parts if one or both eyes gets forcefully hit by large, heavy objects such as tree branches, large pieces of wood, stones, etc. This happens more to people who try to swim through the floods or get swept away by the force of the flowing floodwaters.

Injuries from foreign bodies

This happens when pieces of small objects such as grit, wood, or metal get into the eyes. Those mostly affected are people who attempt to use dirty floodwater to wash their face/bathe because of the shortage of clean water, and those who get fully submerged in floodwaters unexpectedly.

Eye infections

When there is little or no access to medical treatment or even first aid, people end up with eye infections, which result from untreated eye injuries or constant exposure to contaminated floodwaters. Sometimes, an untreated eye infection can cause permanent loss of vision

Protecting the eyes from injury or infection is very important, especially for people resident in flood-affected areas. Avoid exposing your eyes to the floodwaters as much as possible and ensure that you make use of only clean water for your daily personal hygiene. Contact us for more eye care information.