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Homeopathic medicine means the use of natural medicines that work with the body’s immune system to treat different diseases that affect various parts of the body. This method of treatment emphasizes the use of botanical and biological substances from plants and trees to manufacture trustworthy medications in the form of supplements and multivitamins. One interesting aspect of homeopathic treatment is that the medications will be taken in minimal quantity and will have the maximum positive effect with very minimal adverse effects.


Homeopathy can be used to treat various minor and chronic eye problems. This includes dry eyes, redness of the eyes, itchy and watery eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, blurry or fluctuating vision, cataracts amongst others.


These homeopathic medications which are being used for eye treatment, comprise different natural nutrients such as Euphrasia, Byronic alba, Alumina, Ruta graveolens Kalium Phosphoricum, Sabadilla, Chelidonium and Natrum which were discovered by medical researchers who devoted their time, energy and resources into years of thorough research on various plants and trees around the world. When these nutrients are discovered, they are subjected to further testing to find out the eye diseases that they can treat. They are then used by pharmaceutical companies alongside other ingredients to produce medications such as eye drops, tablets and capsules that can either be applied to the eyes or taken orally to treat eye diseases.


Before using any homeopathic treatment for your eyes, it is expedient that you consult your eye care provider and discuss at length with the professional to know if your eye problem requires it. Your doctor will also help to recommend the best and most effective brand of homeopathic medications available in the market in the appropriate dosage needed per time.

Never use any medication without the prior approval of your doctor.