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Are you ready for the new normal? Our online eye consultation system is ready to serve you. We have set up a simple procedure our patients can use. Below are the steps.


  1. Patient calls the hospital line to ask for information regarding online consultation. Hospital numbers are 0802 337 2414 and 0903 052 2036. The person at the helpdesk informs the patient about the cost of online consultation and the process.
  2. Patients are encouraged to send proof of payments to the hospital email address at or
  3. Payment is confirmed within 24 hours and an appointment date is fixed. The patient is informed of the consultation date and time, and a zoom link is sent to their WhatsApp line or email address.
  4. On consultation day, the patient must come online at the agreed time. If the patient has any issues with meeting up with the time, he must call in with the information and be willing to reschedule.
  5. As much as it is practicable, old patients will continue to see their previous Consultants while the Consultant assigned during scheduling will see new patients.
  6. After the consultation, patients should be encouraged to come and pick up their drugs from the clinic or to approve the use of a logistics company of their choice for the drugs at their own cost.
  7. New patients will need to pay a registration fee when or if they need to see the consultant physically.

And there you have it. Simple. Call our phone lines, reach out on social media, or send us an email for more information.