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Contact lenses are more than just a fashion accessory. They are medical devices that must be used properly to avoid injury to the eyes. Whether you wear medicated lenses or not, you must know how to care for them properly.

Don’t avoid your eye doctor

Regular check-ups are important for contact lenses users, whether for fashion or medicated. If there is any sign of infection, see your doctor immediately.

Stick to the stated replacement schedule

You might be using daily disposable lenses. This means you must discard them after using for a day, do not reuse. And they are to be discarded once they have been removed after first wearing. If you are using replaceable lenses, then note their expiry date and comply with the replacement schedule.

For reusable lenses, remove, disinfect and store properly until the next time you need to use it.

Handle the lenses properly

Before you take the lenses out of their case or your eyes, wash your hands properly with mild soap, rinse and dry them with a clean, lint-free towel or patiently air dry. Avoid getting lotion or other oily cosmetics on your hand before you touch the lenses. Just your clean hands are enough. Use the tips of your fingers to manoeuvre the lenses, don’t let your nails touch and possibly scratch the lenses.

Use the solution properly

Your contact lens solution is for disinfecting the lenses, not your hands. Wash your hands before handling the solution and lenses. Always use fresh solution, never repeat used solution that is left in your case. Throw it out and put fresh solution every time you want to keep your lenses. Follow the instructions on the solution label. Avoid mixing solutions. Never use saliva or water in place of solution.

Other things to keep in mind to avoid problems with your eyes when using contact lenses include;

  • Don’t sleep with them if they are not meant to be slept with
  • Use your resetting drops regularly
  • Do not use another person’s contact lenses
  • Never rush the cleaning process

By following these guidelines, your eyes and your contact lenses can stay safe. Contact us for more information on the proper care of your contact lenses or other vision aids.