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Our ophthalmologists work hard and have dedicated their time to helping people see. But what prompted them to choose this discipline and what advice do they have for anyone who wants to have healthy eyes. We asked them three questions, and here are their answers.


Dr Chizoba Onochie

Dr Onochie was very patient with us. Her answers were well thought out and detailed.

What one thing do you feel people can do to maintain optimal health?

I believe they can work on their diet.

Who’s your role model?

There’s no one in particular.

What was your toughest eye case as a doctor?

In practice it’s very difficult to talk of toughest eye cases, you can only talk of challenging cases because they don’t usually originate as difficult but could suddenly turn from an easy mundane procedure to something potentially damaging to the eye. So let’s just say you need the grace of God and wisdom to carry out your work as an ophthalmologist. You can never take it for granted that you have sufficient skill since an unforeseen complication can deal a mortal blow to your ego. In the end, it is as the saying goes, “we treat God heals”.

Dr Ayo S. Harriman

Dr Harriman’s voice has this calming effect. We almost forgot to ask her our questions. Almost. Here are her answers.

Why did you decide to become an eye doctor?

Ophthalmology was my third choice. The first choice was Forensic Pathology. The second was Ear, Nose and Throat.  I chose ophthalmology because my father had studied ophthalmology and set up a practice. I didn’t want his effort to go to waste.

What’s the best part of your day as a doctor?

The best part of my day…morning.

What is your favourite way to relax after a hard day?

To relax, I like listening to good music. Especially gospel classical and some contemporary.

There you have it, our ophthalmologists are serious people who value your eye health. They believe in maintaining a good diet and getting rest when needed. So do take care of your health. If these doctors have helped your eyes in any way feel free to appreciate them in the comments section.