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Have you ever wondered what types of eye doctors there are and how each of them functions to assist the overall health of your eye? You might have assumed that since they bear similar names, they can perform the same functions, but that is not the case. Different health professionals have specific skill sets to assist your vision at every level.

Here are the three major types of eye health professionals:


These are eye care professionals but not eye doctors, and they cannot give eye exams. They cannot diagnose, treat diseases or write prescriptions relating to your eyes. Their sole function as technical professionals is to fit eyeglasses, and lenses to correct vision problems. They function more in the preparation of lenses. They use a prescription from an optometrist to verify and fit the lenses.


These are medical professionals who can perform eye exams and vision tests as well as prescribe and dispense corrective lenses and medication for eye diseases. They can also assist you in detecting any eye abnormality. Your optometrist also provides visual rehabilitation. They however cannot perform eye surgeries in most places as of now.


These are medical doctors that perform all the services that an optometrist can do, as well as perform surgery on your eye if needed.

It is important to note that nurses and other technical professionals also help in providing optimal eye health care. So next time you are in your doctor’s office, let them know how much you appreciate the team helping you have optimal vision.