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Good New! You don’t need to wear glasses when you have challenges with your eyes. There is another way to correct the problem, and that is by wearing contact lenses. It is a more practical and fashionable way for you to maintain your sense of independence. Unlike glasses, they don’t get fogged up by steam, air conditioners, or rain. They are more comfortable for your eyes and good for sports and other physical activities in your life. There are also no frames to obstruct your vision, which gives you a more natural field of view.

However, there is an ongoing trend of wearing lenses that a medical professional has not prescribed. Many people who want to change their eye colour for fashion’s sake and have no medical eye problem end up soliciting these non-prescribed lenses from random stores or shops, mainly costume or fashion houses, and placing these lenses in their eyes.

Here are three risks of using these lenses.

1. Corneal abrasion

This happens when the lenses scratch the outer layer of your eyes because they are not the right fit for your eye. Symptoms of these include; soreness and redness of your eyes, as well as sensitivity to light. You may also experience discharge or stickiness in your eyes.

2. Eye Infection

When these lenses cause corneal abrasion and eventually corneal ulcers, you are more likely to get bacteria, viral, and amoebae infections, which are very dangerous for your eyes. When this occurs, you will need antibiotics to treat the problem.

3. Toxic substances

These lenses also use harsh chemicals and substances that are toxic to your eyes, such as chlorine. These substances can seep into your eyes and cause temporal or even permanent eye problems.

The bottom line is, whether or not you need a prescription, it is always advisable to contact an eye specialist before putting anything in your eye. How about a drop-in the next time you are interested in wearing contact lenses? We will be more than happy to get you properly fitted.