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October 10 was Wold Sight Day and it was great! The weather was fine and the trickle of people into the premises of St Edmunds Eye Hospital for free eye tests steadily became a flood.

Over a hundred participants had their eyes checked and our doctors were available for one-on-one counselling. Here are pictures from the event.

A view of the registration desk.

Dr Ishola examining a patient.

Dr Paul with a patient.

Dr Harriman and a patient.

Our chairman Dr Akinocho and our manager Mr Odekunle were also at the event.

Dr Adomi with a patient.

Dr Aghogho in a counselling session with a patient.

We thank all attendees and supporters of the event. The one-day event might be over, but we are still available. Feel free to contact us on information relating to your eyes. We care.