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People often put on safety glasses when at work and also while playing sports. However, these same people will not protect their eyes at home when cooking, cleaning, or carrying out work in the garage. They forget that within a split-second, they could permanently damage one or both eyes because of injuries. We can minimise these eye injuries at home if we follow simple tips such as the ones discussed below:

  1. Wear Safety Goggles When Working Outdoors

Avoid assuming that your regular glasses are effective in protecting your eyes. This is because they can get broken if hit by certain objects, and this can cause more harm to your eyes. Therefore, ensure you put on proper safety goggles that would provide adequate protection when engaging in activities like spring cleaning and renovations around your home.

  1. Carefully read and follow the Instructions on containers of chemicals

When making use of household chemicals such as lime dust, detergents, cleaners, bleach and other hazardous substance, ensure that the environment is well-ventilated and also put on chemical safety goggles to protect your eyes from the effects of such chemicals. Always read and follow all manufacturer guidelines and warnings written on the containers of these substances. This would help you know how to handle them properly.

  1. Ensure that all stairways are safe and install sufficient lighting all around the house

Stairways are one of the risky areas in a home where injuries which can affect the eyes. Therefore, it is very necessary to install rails, and secure rugs in such areas, especially if there are toddlers or senior citizens in the house. Remove all objects that could make people trip and fall while walking by. This will help to prevent potential eye injuries. We should also ensure that every part of the house is properly and sufficiently lighted to prevent accidental falls at night.

  1. Protect your eyes when cooking in the kitchen

When cooking and frying food, oil or grease normally splatter around which can get into your eyes if care is not taken. To prevent this, make use of an eye safety shield to protect your face and eyes from these splashes which can damage your vision.

  1. Wash your hands frequently when working around the house

Always endeavour to wash your hands during and as soon as you have completed any work around the house. This will help to prevent the transfer of harmful dirt and substances to your eyes since we touch our faces frequently.

  1. Supervise/Assist your children when making use of potentially harmful tools

Sometimes, our children might need to carry out school assignments and projects which require them to make use of potentially harmful tools such as scissors, cutters, nails and hammer. When such situations arise, an adult should be available to monitor and supervise them. Better still the adult should be the one to handle the tools with the children keeping a safe distance to minimise the risk of eye injuries.

If you experience any eye injury at home from a flying object or a hazardous chemical, avoid touching the eye or rubbing it. Do not administer any self-medication and do not take out the object from the eye by yourself. Use a shield or tape a cup over the eye to protect the injured area and call go to the nearest ophthalmologist for prompt treatment. Contact us for more information on ways to protect your eyes.