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We’ve gathered seven fun acts about the eyes, and why we think they are cool. Enjoy!

1. The life span of an average eyelash is 5 months, while the rest of your hair lasts 2-4 years.

Your delicate lashes protect your eyes and get changed more regularly than the hairs on any other part of your body. Eyelashes make your eyes more attractive, hence the popularity of false lashes, but they do more than decorate your face.

Your eyelashes are so sensitive that they can detect objects approaching the face and will blink reflexively to protect your eyes. They also block dust and debris from getting in the eyes.

So don’t just pamper the luxurious locks on your head, also care for your eyelashes by washing your face regularly.

2. The only organ more complex than the eyes is the brain.

So right after brain surgeons, eye surgeons are the bomb! You’re seeing our bias, right? The eye is a very complex organ, so it is important to get your eye care right always. No trial-and-error self-medication. If you have any issues with your eyes, see an optometrist or ophthalmologist immediately.

3. Contact lenses cannot get ‘lost’ in the eyes.

The creators conducted extensive tests before the release of contact lenses. The structure of the eyes makes it impossible for the lenses to ‘slide to the back’ of your eyeballs. Worry more about the eyes getting dry or about falling asleep with them still in, but not about the lenses getting lost in your head.

4. The older we get, the fewer tears we produce.

This is a sad truth. Couple that with the fact that adults are increasingly depending on various alternatives to good old water in sufficient quantity per day. It is important to drink up to six glasses of water every day. Your water intake helps to flush your system and provides moisture/tears for the eyes as well. There are artificial tears for those who are having a challenge with dry eyes. Speak with an eye specialist before using any eye medication.

5. Blind people can dream in colour as long as they were not born blind.

How cool is that? Babies are born colour-blind and learn about colours as they grow. So long as a person is old enough to identify colours and then loses his or her sight, the brain will still provide dreams in colour.

6. Your eyes can get sunburned.

Avoid staying out in the sun for long periods. Wear sunglasses and seek shady places if you have to be outdoors.

7. The most active muscles in your body are your eyes.

Your eyes focus on 50 different objects every second, and 80% of your learning is through your eyes. These busy eyes would be the most active muscles in your body. You could be still as a statue and your eyes would be free to roam within your line of vision. So, yes, they are super active.


All these facts are just to let you know how cool your eyes are and that you must take proper care of them so they can serve you for a long time. Contact us if you have questions about the eyes.