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Our eyes and especially those of children help them discover and learn about things around them. Thus, if a child develops an eye problem and it is not treated early enough, the child might have to deal with poor vision for life in the affected eye. To ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy at all times, the following tips will be very helpful.

Ensure that all toys are safe

When at home, ensure you supervise your children as they play. This involves monitoring the toys they play with and how they play with these toys. None of their toys should be sharp with jagged edges such as plastic swords or framed toys. Children can move these toys too quickly and cause eye injuries if they poke the eye.

Discourage rubbing of the eyes

Frequent eye rubbing can cause eye infections such as conjunctivitis, which is caused by germs spread from the hands to the eyelids. Children should not rub red eyes as this might worsen the condition. Make eye cleanliness a priority all the time. Children should not touch their eyes. If they must do so, they should wash their hands properly first.

View the TV the proper way.

Do not allow your children to watch the television at very close range. There must be a minimum of three and a half meters distance between the viewer and the TV and the room must have good lighting before it is safe to watch the TV in it.

Don’t stare at the screen for long hours

If your child uses a digital device for a long period, ensure that they blink every few minutes to prevent eye exhaustion. Also, have the computer positioned below the child’s eye level. The use of anti-glare and anti-blue glasses is also encouraged.

A healthy diet

Foods such as spinach, carrots and leafy vegetables will ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy. Fruits such as mangoes, papayas and pumpkin which contain carotene should also be included in the child’s diet. This is because carotene, which is a Vitamin A antecedent, is healthy for the eyes.

Please take your children for a routine eye check-up every six months and tell your eye doctor about any eye discomfort they might be experiencing.