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Contact lenses are one way to help you see better without having to resort to wearing glasses, which can sometimes seem intrusive to one’s face. But the advantage that glasses have over contact lenses is that they can be used for up to two years or more if you avoid scratching the lens or your prescription does not change over the years. Contact lenses have a shorter lifespan, mostly one month to a year.

Contact lenses have been around as a corrective measure for the eyes since 1936. With the creation of fashion lenses, they have become even more popular. But just like anything relating to your eyes, you must handle it well to avoid progressive or permanent damage to your eyes.

Here are the ABCs of contact lens care:


Remove your lenses before bedtime so that your eyeball can get the oxygen it needs. This is because the eye gets the bulk of its oxygen from the air and the contact lens reduces its contact with the air. Without adequate oxygen for your eyes, you can eventually experience some damage to the eyes.


The best-before date is not optional with contact lens usage. Adhere to the dates and when they expire, stop using them to avoid getting an eye infection. Also, obey the timeframe for using your particular lens. Time frames can be daily, which means you wear them only for that day and throw them out. Fortnightly or biweekly use is when you can wear them for each day and then remove them at night, but use them only for two weeks. Your lenses may even be monthly where you can wear them during the day, remove them at night and discard them completely after a month.


Don’t hesitate to contact your optometrist if your eyes get red or irritated when you use your contact lenses.


For more information about how to care for your lenses, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to help you keep your eyes well cared for.