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Most eyeglasses users would tell you that picking the perfect frame can be a nightmare that takes hours. Sometimes going along with a friend to ‘help’ with the decision ends up doubling the time spent. Choosing your glasses frames can be a bit daunting when you don’t even know what you are aiming for. Here are some tips for selecting comfortable frames:

  • Pick rounded frames for angular faces
  • Pick square frames for rounded faces
  • Pick top-heavy frames for bottom heavy, diamond-shaped face, and bottom heavy frames for a top-heavy, heart-shaped face
  • Your eyelashes shouldn’t touch the lens
  • Your glasses shouldn’t rest on your cheeks. If not they will lift when you smile.
  • Shake your head; if the glasses slide off easily, it is not a good fit.
  • Ensure the glasses are not too tight at the ears and temple. When the lens gets fitted, they usually get tighter.
  • Know the thickness of your lens before picking your frames. High powered minus lenses require smaller frames, while high powered plus lenses require larger frames.
  • Your glasses should be balanced comfortably on your nose and ears and should not hang on your face.
  • Horizontally, your eye should be in the middle of the lens, and vertically, it should be in the top half of the glasses.
  • Not all frames are optical frames. If it is not an optical frame, you may not be able to use the frame for your prescription lenses. Optical metal frames have removable screws at the edges.
  • Make sure the frame you choose for your prescription is not too curved as this might distort your lenses and make seeing with them difficult.
  • Choose good quality frames as they will serve you better and longer

Bonus tip:

  • Always use a mirror, don’t trust a selfie.

Your eye care professional is trained to help you make a great choice. Visit us today to get the best frames for your face, your prescription, and personality.