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As the world develops around the new state of things, medical care develops along with it. For patients to get the best out of telemedicine, here are some tools the patient and medical providers should have on ground:

For patients and medical personnel

Internet connection

Bookings and actual consultations will be done online. A good broadband connection is important to prevent interruptions. Both the patient and the medical provider should have internet access. The amount and speed of internet connection will affect the video quality, so a good connection is necessary.


Video interface

A good video platform will help ensure that the patient can get a proper and thorough evaluation. The patient will need a home computer or a smart phone for connection. The area must be well lit so the medical provider can see the patient and make accurate diagnoses. The patient would need to know and install all applications needed to have the meeting on the platform chosen by the medical provider.

Sometimes, the medical provider will have some secure locations set up for the patients to have the sessions. This way, the patient does not have to worry about the equipment and software.


For medical personnel

Recording device

A recording device will help the medical personnel keep accurate records of consultations.  Depending on the requirements, part or all of the consultations can be saved and archived. There however has to be video or written documentation of the consultation.


Qualified staff

Staff will need medical and tech knowledge to handle the equipment. They must have sufficient software and hardware knowledge to ensure seamless operations and to prevent disruption of consultation sessions. Computer and tech support are essential.



The peripherals used will depend on the actions that need to be taken during the scheduled consultation. These include video otoscopes and high definition video camera.  Some of these connect to a USB drive and can easily be integrated to an existing system.

Once all these are in place, the sessions can take place with minimal issues. Telemedicine is growing and the medical world looks forward to the new innovations that will improve speed and quality of healthcare delivery. Contact us to take advantage of our telemedicine service option.