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Children love to play with toys, and parents always look forward to purchasing them for children of all ages. This is because toys serve as a means of entertainment for children and assistance for parents. It helps to keep the children occupied so that the parents won’t be disturbed when working. But just as toys are beautiful and fun-filled for children, they can pose a severe risk to the eyes, resulting in eye injuries which could lead to temporary or permanent vision loss.

Toys are essential for a child’s growth and development; therefore they need some motor and intellect building toys. So please do not skimp on getting them great toys that they will still remember when they grow up. That said, here is a list of toys you should consider not buying as gifts for young children. These toys are risky when used by young children without adult supervision.

Toy guns that shoot ANY projectile

This includes toy guns that can shoot darts. They look relatively safe, but these play items can release missiles that move speedily and can cover 75 feet. The impact when it hits an eye can cause severe eye injury and so should be used with caution indoors and never at close range.

Water balloon launchers and water guns

Water balloons can cause severe blunt force trauma, which can lead to the detachment of the retina and cause permanent vision loss. Toy guns that release a stream of water can cause severe eye damage if used at a close range.

Toys and games that involve the use of toy fishing poles

The tip of the toy fishing line or objects attached to it can easily hit a playmate in the eye.

All forms of toy wands, swords, sabres, or guns that make use of bayonets

These have pointed ends which can cause eye injuries when in use.

 Aerosol string

These products contain chemicals that can lead to eye irritation and a reaction in the eye called chemical conjunctivitis. If used at a close range to the face, it can lead to injuries on the cornea, and this could cause irreversible damage to that part of the eye.

 Laser pointers and bright flashlights

This includes portable laser pointers such as the ones used when making business presentations. While these are not toys, quite a lot of children love to play with them. Children should never use these items because the light emitting from these devices is strong enough to cause permanent vision loss. High-powered LED flashlights can also be pretty dangerous, as they can lead to temporary sight loss.

Parents must be mindful of the toys they purchase for their children. Study any toy being purchased to reduce the risk of eye or any injuries to their children. Contact us for more eye care safety tips for the children.