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It’s the start of not just the year but another school term. Your child needs the best of everything to succeed this term, including excellent eyesight. Here are some eye skills that need to be functioning at optimal levels, so they give their best this term:

Visual acuity

This means the ability to see things near or far. This is relevant for seeing the board, working on the computer screen or reading at closer range.

Eye Focusing

The ability of the child to maintain clear vision speedily and accurately as the distance of objects changes. This is relevant when copying notes from the board, the child looks long distance at the board and short distance at the notebook. The focus has to remain seamless through the process.


This is very useful when playing with a ball that is being thrown or reading line by line. When you find your child missing words or lines when reading aloud, there might be a challenge with keeping the eyes on the target.

Eye teaming

This is when both eyes move together when reading, determining distance and depth. It becomes harder to do these when both eyes are not working together. The child will need this skill for classwork and physical activities.

Eye-hand coordination

When playing a sport like lawn tennis or drawing a sketch, this is a very useful skill. Information from the eyes through the brain tell the hands how and where to move. Poor coordination is the reason why many children find it difficult to engage in some sports that they love.

Visual perception

This is the critical ability to organise images on a printed page into letters that form words which translate to ideas that can be understood and remembered. When you read a billboard or a book, this skill is at work. Some other visual perception skills are recognition (of characters that appear similar like letters ‘d’ and ‘b’), comprehension (of what is being read, being able to picture the story the words are telling) and retention (the ability to recall details of what was read).

When any one of these skills does not function properly, the child will struggle at classwork and other physical activities. Some of these could cause symptoms like eyestrain, headaches and fatigue. It is important for parents, guardians and caregivers to observe and detect any of these signs and confirm with a visit to the eye doctor.

Contact us for more information on things to watch out for and how to get a comprehensive eye test for your child.