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You might require eye surgery for one reason or the other. Eye surgeries are not recommended lightly and will not be suggested if there are other alternatives. When recommended, however, understanding the things to do before and after will help calm you down and ease the operating and recovery process. Here are things to do or avoid before and after surgery:



  • Make sure you show your doctor all the drugs you are using (tablets and eye drops) at least a week before surgery. Some drugs can negatively affect the outcome of the surgery. There may be some drugs that need to be stopped before surgery (e.g. aspirin). Some drugs (particularly drugs for hypertensive people) will need to be taken on the day of surgery. Because of the peculiarities involved, ALWAYS show your doctor ALL your drugs so he can tell you which to take and which to stop before surgery.
  • Do dress comfortably.
  • Go through all required laboratory tests.
  • Confirm from the surgeon whether you should eat or not before the surgery and what type of food you can eat.
  • Coma along with someone who can help escort you back.


  • Don’t take alcohol before the surgery.
  • Don’t wear any makeup or perfume.



  • Always wash your hands before applying drops/ointment in the eye.
  • Purchase a tissue box and dispose of each tissue after dabbing tears/discharge from the eye. Do not hold on to used tissues for later use.
  • Avoid any form of strain.
  • Bathe from the neck down and wipe the face with a wet towel.
  • Eat a normal diet but avoid tough food.
  • If you suddenly develop severe pain or deterioration in vision in the eye, report immediately to the hospital. Do not wait for your next appointment date, go to the hospital immediately.


  • Do not bend forward/down for the next 10 days. Lie face up when you sleep. Not on your side.
  • Do not rub or scratch the operated eye.

By following all these rules, you will improve the outcome of your surgery and help your eyes recover faster. Do contact us for more information on eye care and eye surgery for you and your loved ones.