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A wide range of gadgets, machines and devices make everyday living and functioning possible for human beings. Visually impaired individuals have the same devices, but theirs are specially designed to enable easy operation and maximum use of said devices. Below is a list of some specially designed items for visually impaired people.

Braille books

These are books which are specially written using braille. Braille is a system of reading and writing that involves the use of raised arranged dots to create letters of the alphabet, punctuation marks and numbers. This system is then used to create books that blind people and others with severe visual disorders can read by touch alone. These books are very bulky because braille writing occupies more space than regular books.

Bell soccer balls

Bell soccer balls are specially designed to enable the integration of visually impaired people into sporting activities. They bear a close resemblance to regular leather footballs. However, their distinguishing factor is a bell sealed up inside the ball. The bells jingle when the ball is tossed, rolled, bounced or kicked to enable the visually impaired individuals to track the location of the ball by listening for its sound.

White cane

This device helps visually impaired individuals navigate their surroundings and identify objects that could obstruct their movement or cause them to stumble while walking along the road. The cane is long, white and has a ball-like tip.

Braille writer

Being an advanced technology-based equipment, a braille writer (also known as a braille typewriter) is used to produce braille books and paperwork in braille form for use by visually impaired people. It contains nine keys which are all structured and shaped to produce all letters of the braille alphabet. A detachable braille computer keyboard performs similar functions to the braille writer except that the latter is used with a desktop computer and laptop.

Screen Readers

This is a form of assistive software application available on digital devices (especially mobile phones and tablets). This software translates text and image content into speech to enable people with visual impairment to interact with and use all kinds of digital devices just like fully-sighted people.

These devices give all visually impaired people the opportunity to be integrated into and fully function in the society without limitations. Contact us for more helpful information for visually impaired individuals.