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It’s not difficult to get contact lenses. You could get fashion contact or prescription contacts. Whichever you use, you need to know how to wear them. Improper wearing can cause an infection or injure your eyes.

Here are steps to take to insert and remove your lenses safely.

To Insert:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water, and dry thoroughly. Shake them well to air dry them if you can. This is better than using a towel that might not be very clean.
  • Find the front and back of the lens. Place the lens on your fingertip and hold it to the light. If there are numbers on them make sure the digits are not facing backwards. Check the edges. If they flare out, then the lens is inside out. Gently smoothen it to face the right direction.
  • Hold your upper eyelid open with one finger to avoid blinking, then pull down the lower lid with another finger of the same hand. It’s best to use your right hand for this.
  • Looking upwards, gently place the lens on the eye and blink slowly when you are sure the lens is lying on the eyeball. Keep the eyes closed for a few seconds to help the lens get settled in. Then repeat the process for the other eye.

To remove:

  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry
  • Using your index finger, gently touch the lower edge of the lens and slide it down to the lower part of the eye.
  • Use the index and thumb to squeeze gently and lift the lens off the eye.
  • Dispose of the daily use lenses. Extended use lenses, disinfect them with the solution and then store them in solution in their cases. The case is labelled Left and Right. Put each lens in the appropriate side.

It might take a while to get the hang of putting them in and taking them out, so be patient. And never forget to be very hygienic. If you experience pain or cloudy vision when you put in the contacts, see your doctor. Contact us for more information on how to purchase and care for your contact lenses.