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Keeping the eyes safe from injury while at work is very vital in our daily life. Each time you prevent your eyes from getting injured, you can perform your duties conveniently. You can also maintain healthy vision throughout your life. The following are some tips that can prevent the occurrence of eye injuries in a work environment.

Risk assessment

Businesses should conduct a thorough and proper assessment of work areas, duties and equipment. This will help employers determine the risk-level of eye injuries that workers will be exposed to. It will also help employers plan properly towards whatever safety provision and measures that they intend to put in place.

Protection kit

The company should make adequate provision for employees to have protective eyewear kits of standard quality to protect their eyes from eye injuries that they will be exposed to. These eyewear kits should fit the wearer perfectly to reduce the chances of eye injuries.

Personal responsibility

All employees should endeavour to take personal responsibility to prevent eye injuries from happening to them. They should take all safety training seriously and put them to practice. They should also make personal provision for eyewear kits for themselves, regardless of whatever their employers provide.

Safety training

Employers should endeavour to give necessary and regular training and enlightenment to their staff on eye safety, first aid treatment, and prevention of eye injuries. They should also follow this up with strict monitoring of the workers to ensure that put the knowledge gained to proper use.

Emergency response

Organizations should make plans to handle emergencies as the need arises. When an eye related accident happens, there should be room to apply quick first aid treatment. Therefore, eyewash stations need to be installed at strategic points where they are easily accessible within the working environment (especially where they use chemicals).

Vision tests/screening

Routine vision tests/screening should be done for employees from time to time because several jobs and tasks have specific compulsory vision abilities associated with them. Therefore, with vision tests or screening, employers can assign tasks properly to individuals who meet the visual requirements for each task, thereby minimizing the risk of eye injury occurrence. An optometrist should carry out these exams.

Employers and employees should not take eye safety at work for granted. Therefore, everyone should do everything possible to ensure that they keep their eyes safe from injuries at all times. Contact us for further information and to schedule a vision test for your employees.