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2021 is a year for more action and community support. In this light, St Edmunds Hospital has decided to bring community health to the fore.

With the first free eye screening on Thursday, January 28 for Salawu Street residents, the hospital kicked off a monthly intervention program tagged Street–To–Street.

This program will hold monthly on various streets in Surulere on the last Thursday of each month. ALL COVID protocols will be observed, and anyone who fails to comply with the rules will not be attended to.

Attendees MUST practice social distancing (by sitting wherever hospital personnel tell them to), wear their face masks properly, and wash and sanitize their hands. We will conduct the screenings outdoors, in line with COVID prevention measures. Also, a MAXIMUM number of 20 persons will be attended to at each session.

Below are pictures from the Salawu Street–To–Street program.

We look forward to seeing you when we visit your street.