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Being confident when wearing glasses emanates not just from your sense of fashion, but from choosing the right frame for your face. And having a general idea of your face shape is the right place to start. There are six main face shapes; oval, round, heart, diamond, square, and triangle, and these shapes have both ideal and not-so-ideal characteristics that you would want to enhance or pull focus away from.


Heart shapes faces have a wide forehead, narrow chin and prominent cheekbones. If this is your shape, then you should look out for frames with a width wider than your forehead for good balance. Also, check out frames with detailing on the lower parts, examples are Aviators or Wayfarer shape frames.


Oval shape faces have a narrow forehead and chin and a wider cheekbone with full cheeks and subtly curved jawline. If this is your face shape, you are in luck, because you can wear most frames, whether there are oversized, coloured, geometric or textured frames.


For round shape faces, the forehead and chin are similar in length, with soft cheekbones and jawline. If this is your shape, then you would need to sharpen your soft features with rectangular frames, bold angular lines and bottoms that sit above your cheekbone.


Diamond shape faces have a narrow forehead and chin, with wider cheekbones and full cheeks. The best frames for your face shape are curved frames with delicate lines that draw attention to your eyes like oval-shaped frames.


Triangle shape faces have a narrow forehead, with a wide jawline and chin. You should look for frames with detailing on the upper portion, with a slightly wider width than your jawline.


Square shape faces have a broad forehead and chin with a wide angular jawline. If this is you, then soften your angular features with rounder, thinner frames with a width wider than your cheekbones.

It may seem time-consuming to figure out your face shape or the perfect frame to suit your face, but don’t worry, that’s where we come in. Trusting a second pair of eyes or two will prove beneficial since taking care of your eyes is our highest calling, especially making you look good while at it.