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March 30th is World Doctors’ Day. This year, we wish to appreciate all medical personnel who have risen to combat the COVID-19 (Corona) virus.

This ailment falls under the internal medicine/infectious diseases department, but because of the speed and rate of spread, optometrists, ophthalmologists, and even dental practitioners have been co-opted into the battle. All doctors, nurses and medical personnel willing to serve are being trained on how to recognise and manage patients infected by the COVID-19 virus.

Even retired medical personnel are being co-opted to help keep people alive long enough for their bodies to fight it. Medical personnel are trained on how antiretroviral drugs can help the body withstand the virus and fight the infection.

How can we help?

We need to understand that this is a virus that has no known cure for now. We must stop it from spreading. Why is it important to halt the spread?

Viruses left long enough can mutate and adapt to unfamiliar environments and continue to spread.

Our hope of victory over this virus is to obey instructions concerning prevention and management. The best practice guidelines handed down by the World Health Organisation are guidelines that we need to maintain for a long time. While we hope that social distancing rule will be relaxed soon, we need to keep practising:

  • proper hand washing.
  • avoiding touching our eyes, nose and mouth with unsanitary hands.
  • control when we sneeze and cough.
  • being conscious of disinfecting our spaces.

One more thing we need to do is keep being positive and not spreading negative and unconfirmed information. A positive outlook will do more to fight the psychological challenges brought on by isolation than a negative outlook would.

Working together, we can beat every virus. Let’s join with our doctors and other medical personnel to get COVID-19 under control. We celebrate our doctors and appreciate all medical personnel who have lost their lives fighting on the frontline for the entire world. May their sacrifices never be in vain. To all our doctors we say, “Thank you.”

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