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Do you experience discomfort when using your contact lenses? Here are six things you can check that could be causing the discomfort.

  1. Check the lenses

You might have turned the lens inside-out or it may have a piece of cloth lint on it. This will make it very uncomfortable when put in your eye. Sometimes there might all also be deposits on the lenses. If there are and they do not come off when you clean the lenses, please do not wear. Report to your eye doctor.

  1. Check your care

How are you caring for your lens? Here are some care tips you must obey.

  • Wash and air dry your hands completely before you touch the lens.
  • Remove the lens before bathing, swimming or showering.
  • Avoid your lens coming in contact with water.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, do not wear contact lenses to sleep.
  • Follow the replacement instructions, do not reuse single day lenses, or use them beyond their limit date.
  • Only use contact solution approved by your doctor and never mix solution.
  1. Check lubrication level

You might need to apply artificial tears to help lubricate the lens and get some relief from dryness. But not all lens are compatible with eye drops, so do not use them without your doctor’s consent.

  1. Check the fit

Sometimes, the contact lens might not be the right size for your eyes. Your doctor can check and verify the best lens size for you. Most lenses cover the entire cornea. You might not get the perfect fit, but your doctor will get the closest fit for you.

  1. Check your nutrition

Interestingly, you might have enough tears, but the quality of the tears might be in question. You can experience excess tear evaporation if the chemical composition of your tears is off. You can beat this by supplementing your diet with omega-3 fatty acids and flaxseed oil. The lens will now rest comfortably on the tear film.

  1. Check the type of lens

If you have tried all the above and still experience discomfort, perhaps the challenge is the type of lens you are using. Broadly, we have hard and soft contact lenses, but there are also different types within these two categories. Your doctor can help you switch to a different type and see if the discomfort reduces.

Be sure to work with your eye doctor and report any changes in your vision or other discomforts as they arise. Your eyes are important, so take good care of them. Send us a message if you have any eye-related questions.